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ENGINE is a Western Clothing Brand founded in 2011, initially focusing on women's wear and later expanding its product range to include kids' and men's wear. It was founded with a vision for debonair textures and swanky fabrics

Product Range

ENGINE initially began its journey by offering women's formal and casual wear. Over time, the product range has expanded to include kids' and men's wear. This diversification suggests a strategic approach to catering to a broader demographic and meeting the fashion needs of individuals across various age groups.


The company seems to have a philosophy centered around encouraging people to adopt their own style. This suggests a focus on individuality and self-expression in fashion, reflecting a brand ethos that values diversity and personal taste.

Future Goals

While ENGINE has achieved significant success, it appears that this is just the beginning. The stated goal is to make the company "bigger and better every day." This indicates a forward-looking mindset, with aspirations for continuous improvement, expansion, and innovation.

Growth and Expansion

Since its inception, ENGINE has experienced significant growth and currently boasts more than 40 stores nationwide. The company is actively working towards increasing this number, indicating a commitment to expanding its reach and market presence.

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