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Summer is all about…tops!!

Overview of the topic

As summer season is here- it is time to update your wardrobe and lift the game. We all need some light and airy summer clothing because the sun is out and blazing brightly.


 It's that time of year when we all desire to dress in airy, light-weight garments. That is what we consider summertime attire! Nothing that a thin shirt or a voluminous top can't fix. Look for goods that are both comfortable and stylish if you want to battle the summer heat in style. In the summer, dressing up is an activity, and if you want to stay cool at all times, a cotton top is the best choice. Alternately, if you want to be fashionable, follow the example of Generation Z and wear a crop top and a pair of denim trousers.

 Engine’s providing all sorts of tops with different styles or designs so you can pick any that you think suits you best! Hurry up!

Tops for Women

Add the stylish and airy pieces to your cart right away so you can start decorating them. Some people have an abundance of sweat-inducing clothing in their closets. Others contain songs that will relax you as well as lift your mood. Whatever happens, Cotton Tops numbers will never fail to impress. This season, a perfect summer outfit must include some anti-fit silhouettes. This is your signal to purchase these trendy items as soon as you can.

Tops usually come in very casual attire which means they are comfortable to wear. A lot of women prefer wearing them as they do not really have a specific category and where they fall into. All depends on how you mix it with. It can be dressed formally if paired with pants or for any casual event or meet up, you always have a choice of wearing them with something that fits perfectly to your ease.

Engine provides a wide variety of designs of tops to its customers so it gets easy for them as the categories are divided into different sets.

Attached below is a picture of our model wearing Engine’s most popular top;

This top is of Sky Blue color and has a button down style. It can be paired down with either pants or any jeans. We can see the model wearing it with blue jeans and pulling it off very well.

This dark green color gives off a really cool vibe. Moreover, not just this, the design of this shirt is unique in such a way that it can be worn with jeans, trouser or a shalwar. It depends if you want to keep up with the eastern or the western look.

The top present in front of you is of plum color, what a fresh one I must say for the eyes! This gives a very formal look if you want to wear it to any formal gathering.

This off white graphic top is available in all sizes for its customers. It is made up of a very soft fabric which is super comfortable. This shirt can be worn with either jeans or sweatpants.

Summer Tops

Since its summer season, people usually prefer shirts that are not fully covered with designs or not to heavy as they want to feel easy in whatever outfit they plan on wearing. Engine understands its people, their wants and most desired products they want. Our main aim is to fulfil their demands and cater to all their needs in the best possible way.

Every season we come up with something new, something different and something that is very reasonable too for our customers!

Attached below are a few images of summer tops:

This knit top has “strength” written on it and it gives a very cool vibe. The colors are also very summery. Such tops are very common these days.

Sky Blue top above has such a refreshing color and especially in summer season you want to wear such colors that make you feel good.

Tops For Going Out

Tops are at the top of every girl's wish list for a reason, and we agree. Classic tops are the most adaptable piece of apparel ever because they can answer all your dressing up or dressing down problems. You can be as experimental as you want!

An eye-catching outfit is a front-tied white tee paired with mid-rise flared slacks and a hat.

There are a number of designs present and all the tops have something different. Some of them have a long length till knees and some of them are regular shirts which means they can be dressed differently. Moving on, we can see a number of tops on Engine’s website;

This olive top with puffy sleeves gives a nice tie and dye look. This top has a very different catchy appearance. It would look best with any black bottom.

This navy blue shirt contributes to the look by giving off a marble vibe, the colors used for this one are very renewed and a perfect fit for summers!

Long Tops for Women

As we are all very well aware of the fact that there are a number of sizes and designs when it comes to clothes or tops and the length differs according to how they are designed. Many women out there prefer long tops compared to the small ones. As a brand our responsibility is to cater to everyone and their preferences so Engine produces long tops as well.

This light green top can also come in the Kurta category, it is different from the other ones and can be styled differently.

As we mentioned earlier, Engine brings out the best designs for people and there is a variety that is offered too. We make sure our customers have a lot of options before selecting an outfit.

This specific top/gown gives such a gown look which you can always wear with a shirt underneath or a camisole tucked in, it would look very nice and different.

How to wear/carry tops

Always choose light colors when in doubt; we guarantee you would not be disappointed. If one knows how to rock light colored top, there is nothing wrong. Speaking of fashion, there is no denying that tops have become very popular. It appears perfect for a luncheon or day trip and is more on the informal end. Don't miss out on the loose-fitting, embroidered, Kurta styled tops that are in style because they can compete with the rest of your elegant tops in your closet. For a whimsical style, pair them with bell-bottom or boot-cut jeans.

Crop Tops for Women

Every girl requires a set of essentials that will allow her to dress nearly everything in her closet. A crop top is the one style that never goes out of style, flat stomach or not. With this shirt, a lot of things seem to go smoothly and flawlessly.

High-waisted pants or skirts go well with crop tops, but you may also try dungarees, playsuits, and other summer clothing for women. These days’ crop tops are very trendy.


Avail the best discount offers on our website and get all dressed up this summer because summer is all about feeling good! Gear up and update your wardrobe from Engine!!

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