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A Comprehensive Overview for Polo Shirts!

Polo Shirts Overview:

The polo shirt was established as a result of the subtropical climate's desire for a lighter apparel for the popular riding sport. Polo Shirts are perhaps the most popular fashion item for the summer season. You would be surprised to find someone who does not own at least two or three polo shirts now a days. They provide a fantastic fit for pulling off a sophisticated and sporty look at the same time, and not only that, but they also provide a two-in-one look, adding to the comfortable and formal style.


Polo shirts are one of those items that can be worn anywhere: at a random event, when meeting up with a group of friends, or even for semi-formal occasions. Polo and Polo Shirts have a past together, courting back to the 19th century.

Men’s Polo Shirts

Engine provides a variety of Polo’s for men. There are different categories of these shirts that you can see on our website which give off a really cool summer vibe. Keeping the Pakistani scorching heat and summer weather in mind- we have come up with a variety of shirts with different type of designs and material. Engine’s main purpose is to satisfy its customers and make sure they get the value for money for the products they are buying.

 Attached below are a few images of the polo shirts; the colors of all these match the summer vibe. In summers mostly light colors are the most preferred ones by the customers and Engine tries its best to fulfil their wants.

This button down grey shirt made from cotton has a super soft texture which will definitely make the buyer feel comfortable and that is our goal.

Our other shirts include the printed designs of Polo’s which impart the perfect look of summers- they give off a beach vibe. Moving on, this does not end here. The list goes on-there are plain polo’s in variety of colors, there are the printed ones, the ones with full sleeves and the button down ones.

The customers are given a diverse choice- whatever suits them best, they can purchase it.  

This collar shirt has a zigzag print of the color white used on black. Black and white is a combination liked by many. The print on it is free hand and such shirts are mostly for casual use.

Polo T-Shirts

Polo Shirts made by us are not only the ones with collar; some of these are round neck ones known as “Polo T-Shirts”. Their texture is super soft and cotton is known for being relaxing and breathable material which is ideal for the summer wear. Many of our Polo T- shirts have been the best sellers for us.

Our designing department works hard to provide the customers with the best of all, they come up with designs that are not very complicated and easy to be worn.

Attached below are the images of our most popular ones:

This Basic Henley T-Shirt of the color skin is very refreshing for the eyes and light colors are on top of the list especially in summers.

This Fashion Ranglan Henley has the color of the sun and black sleeves. It creates an attractive look and is the flawless fit for a casual attire for the summer season.

The Purple Polo Shirt has been made from pique material. This holds a soft and smooth texture. Further, this shirt can be worn with either shorts or jeans.

The color white is said to be one of the safest colors. People can pull it off easily and it is not a complicated color at all. This polo shirt has a very simple design on it and the half sleeves plus the button down style makes it more attractive.

Collared Polo Shirts

Collared Polo shirts have this attractive look that comes out of that outfit. It would be pretty safe for us to say that the collar adds up to the whole thing. Such shirts can be easily worn on any events so they do not fit the word “complicated” at all.

Black Polo Shirts

If you want to put together a good wardrobe, a black polo shirt is a must-have. It may be taken up or down depending on the situation and goes with literally every color on the color wheel. Wearing a black polo as part of a business casual ensemble is the easiest way to dress it.

The polo shirt has traditionally been linked with business casual attire, and opting for this option is a rather safe stylistic bet. This means you have a lower likelihood of making a mistake.

Black never goes out of style just like this Polo shirt. We have got a number of Polo’s similar to these. Also, we are offering discounts on our shirts on Engine’s website.

What to keep in mind while styling a Black Polo shirt?

There are a number of ways how a person can wear a Black Polo; you can either wear it with a blazer if you are going to a formal event or any place that requires a proper dress code. Also, neutral colored trousers go with this look, they make the best combination.

Furthermore, you can wear Polo shirts with a pair of jeans and you can tuck it in or not that’s up to you but this can go both ways. There are more ways of styling it, this can also be worn with a denim jacket if you are going for a casual look, it will add life to it and make it look classier and will add structure to the outfit.

Polo shirts are suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. But, in addition to size, you need think about the sort of material the shirt is made of before making your decision. Polo shirts aren't just for the summer; they may be worn throughout the year. For the fall and winter, invest in some dark-colored long-sleeve polo’s that will look excellent with a turtleneck or scarf.

Cotton yarn with a slight ribbing is used to make pique cotton shirts. This is because the textured fabric hugs the body without emphasizing the less attractive portions of the chest and stomach, piqué polo’s are best suited to those who are heavier-set and have a wider shape.

If you see that you are more comfortable in a smaller size, go for it. Polo shirts of good quality are comprised of lightweight fabrics like cotton, so they should drape beautifully over your body!

Polo Shirts in Pakistan

Polo shirts in Pakistan are getting very common as the days are passing by. Engine tries to provide the best quality of polo shirts available and that too at a very reasonable rate with a variety of designs. People here in Pakistan are up to date with the trend that is being followed all around the globe.

Engine gives the best quality shirts that are easy to wear, made up of good quality and at very affordable prices. Our shirts are not limited to any such age groups- anyone who likes them, can wear it easily. 

Key Takeaway

Brace yourselves...Engine’s offering its customers the best offers! There is a discount on all the polo shirts available on the website. Make sure you do not miss out on a great opportunity and shop!

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